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Jul 19, 2012 5:30pm PDT
's possible use of chemical weapons. >> brown: then, we examine the use of a one-drug lethal injection on a prisoner last night in texas-- the state that executes more convicts than any other. >> suarez: as delegates arrive in washington for an international aids conference, we have two progress reports: gwen ifill gets an update from the director of the united nations program on aids. >> brown: anwe assess e epidemic he in our nation's capital, where the infection rate is the highest in the country. >> we have people who will be tested repeatedly in hopes that one of those tests will be negative so that they can say i don't have h.i.v. we have people who think they can pray their h.i.v. away. >> suarez: plus, as part of his ongoing series, hari sreenivasan talks with native americans about the search for solutions to the effects of climate change on their tribal lands. >> brown: that's all ahead on tonight's "newshour." major funding fothpbs nehour has been providedy: and the william and flora hewlett foundation, working to solve social and environmental problems at home and around th
Jul 19, 2012 3:00pm PDT
this year. >> brown: the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. susan rice minced no words after russia and china once again vetoed a resolution that threatened sanctions on syria. >> one can only hope that one day before too many thousands more die, that russia and china will stop protecting assad and allow this council to play its proper role at center of the >> brown: it was the third time moscow and beijing have blocked u.n. efforts to make syrian president bashar al-assad stop the attacks on his own people. and this latest veto drew condemnation from country after country. >> mr. president today was an opportunity lost, history will show us price that the people in syria and beyond will have to pay. >> by exercising their veto today, russia and china are failing in their responsibilities as permanent members of the security council to help resolve the crisis in syria. >> ( translated ): in our judgment that resolution was best opportunity and perhaps the only opportunity to put an end to the mindless violence that affects the syrian arab republic. >> brown: the chinese and russians argued the res
Jul 24, 2012 8:00am PDT
of a collaboration across the sectors. for us to address some of the biggest social challenges about face today in this city and across the nation, it is critical for us to cut across sectors, and this is a perfect example of doing that. ron, thank you and congratulations for bricking together the partnership and making it possible 0 for us to turn this vision of the chief into reality. when sf-city approached hfment p. for this opportunity, we were delighted about this idea. really, bringing our technology, our straight-of-the-art projects and the power of that technology into the happened of the sfpd officers and what that could do to mike our city safer as we talked about. we are excited to announce today that h.p. is donating over 60 ultrabooks to this program, to the sfpd and in conjunction with the academy for training these future officers to enable these officers to be able to do training on the street, which increases their efficiency. anywhere they are at any time, they will be able to access the crime data warehouse. we are delighted to be able to have the tech nol to that. thank eve
Jul 3, 2012 5:30pm PDT
monetary fund says the u.s. economy is recovering, but it's still very fragile. good evening. i'm judy woodruff. >> brown: and i'm jeffrey brown. on the newshour tonight, armed with an i.m.f. report issued today, christine lagarde warns that u.s. policy-makers must be careful not to overdo debt reduction. >> to bring the debt under control, action needs to be taken over a period of time. that is not just next year. that is going to extend for the next ten years. it needs to be gradual, not so contractionary that the economy folds. >> woodruff: we have an update on efforts across the country to recover from wildfires, extreme heat, and power outages. >> brown: susan dentzer of the journal "health affairs" answers questions many of you are asking about how health care reform will work, now that the supreme court has weighed in. >> for somebody who is running a small business, what does this new health care plan... how does that impact future busess owners? >> brown: margaret warner interviews mexico's new president-elect, enrique peÑa nieto, about drug war violence and relations with th
Jul 4, 2012 8:00am PDT
officers rendered aide, called for an ambulance, and retrieve the hand and the suspect had used. tonight officers patrick grant and michael tursi are being recognized for their efforts. they are being awarded the gold medal of valor. [applause] >> captain paul chignell, along with officers tastings ahastingd lopez. >> good evening to you all. my pleasure to introduce richard hastings and that lopez. -- matt lopez. saturday, july 16, 2011, officer richard hastings and asked matt lopez were on duty and in uniform. their primary assignment was to be on a fixed post detail on the imminence of a railway platform on third street between oakdale avenue and plu avenue. this platform and the surrounding areas are notorious for high incidence of robberies, aggravated assaults, indiscriminate shootings, gang activity, illegal firearm possession, as well as a multitude of quality of life cripes. the bayview station has dedicated a high-level police resources to this area, particularly to a recent rash of robberies on and adjacent to the platform. well on the platform, officers tastings and
Jul 27, 2012 8:00am PDT
. >> knowing that your positive, they're going to shame you, discriminate against u.s. and so forth, so people shy away. >> all of that and more coming up. this is "democracy now!,", the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. samangan of forces are continuing their bombardment of the city of aleppo ahead of a widely expected all-out assault to uproot rebel fighters. hundreds of troops are said to have massed on the city's outskirts as syrian gunships pound several neighborhoods. rebel forces have launched attacks on army checkpoints around the city. a number of people were reported dead in clashes on thursday, the exact amount is impossible to verify. in washington, state department spokesperson victoria nuland said the u.s. fears a new massacre in aleppo will occur. >> the concern is we will see a massacre in aleppo, and that is what the regime appears to be lining up for. aleppo, as you said, has been bombarded by syrian fighter jets. it is the latest desperate effort of the al-assad regime to hold on to control. there are credible reports of tanks prepared to attack the cit
Jul 7, 2012 5:00am PDT
of the first twenty participants. three years after taking part in the program, she tells us how she has been able to make use of this experience back home. lucy mutinda works out every morning for 40 minutes. she never misses a day. when she lived in germany, she regularly went to the gym. but now she's got a job in management and doesn't have much time. >> the days i don't do the work out, i feel like my head is clogged up. but once i do it in the morning, i shower and get ready for work i feel fresh to face >> these cd's are souvenirs of her time in germany. hannover for one year. after securing an educational scholarship, she completed an internship at the german auto parts company continental. lucy says she appreciated the value placed on order and punctuality in germany -- she could depend on things. at least most of the time. >> one day, i had trouble with the water in my apartment. i couldn't believe that could happen in germany. usually everything works great. but that one day, there was no water on my apartment. >> one thing the 32-year-old engineer has a hard time understanding is
Jul 14, 2012 4:30pm PDT
apart from the other prisoners. triangles of various colors were used to identify each category of undesirable. yellow for the jewish, brown for gypsies, red for political prisoners, green for prisoners, black for anti-socialist, purple for jehovah's witness, blue for immigrants, and tank for homosexuals. the pink triangles were slightly larger than the other triangle'' so that the guards could identify them from a distance. it is said that those who wore the pink triangles were singled out by the guards to receive harsher treatment and when the guards were finished with them, some of the other inmates would harm them as well. at the end of the war, when the concentration camps were finally liberated, virtually all of the prisoners were released except for those with the pink triangle. many of those with pink triangles on their pockets were put back into prison and the nightmare continued. it is the same kind of senseless, irrational hatred that still haunts days, jews, blacks, and other minorities today. the taliban in afghanistan required non-muslims to wear identifying badges
Jul 7, 2012 6:30pm PDT
and sin no more. and if you do, you'll be back here to see us. and so, i think that once again, i go back to the fact that under the current system, because we have so many of those individuals who were once incarcerated at the state level, being pushed down to the counties, there's no room at the end in terms of the county jails. so misdemeanors aren't going to be sentenced to county jail but will be sentenced in community service or whatever. and for those individuals who do need some measure of control and supervision to deal about -- deal with their conviction problems, it's not going to happen at the misdemeanor level. >> let me go to a couple of the questions from the audience. i've shared them with our district attorney. george, two questions there, one related to whether or not drug possession should be treated differently for adults than from juveniles. and then a question about back on track, whether or not that program would be positively or adversely affected by senator leno's proposal. >> yes, let me start with the first question concerning juveniles. i think juveniles defini
Jul 10, 2012 8:30pm PDT
. the history of the pink triangle. the pink triangle was used by nazis in concentration camps to identify and shame homosexuals. this symbol, which was used in an attempt to label and shame, has been embraced by the gay community as a symbol of pride. [applause] that is right. however, in the 1930's and 1940's, there was nothing to celebrate. gays were forced to wear the pink triangle on their pockets in the concentration camps. to identify them as homosexuals, to set them apart from the other prisoners. triangles of various colors were used to identify each category of undesirable. yellow for the jewish, brown for gypsies, red for political prisoners, green for prisoners, black for anti-socialist, purple for jehovah's witness, blue for immigrants, and tank for homosexuals. the pink triangles were slightly larger than the other triangle'' so that the guards could identify them from a distance. it is said that those who wore the pink triangles were singled out by the guards to receive harsher treatment and when the guards were finished with them, some of the other inmates would harm them a
Jul 23, 2012 7:00pm PDT
. it seems -- i see some downside to having them before us and not officially sharing them or giving them the next step or formality. i also agree that we might double back to some of the things that we did. does that help any board does that feel uncomfortable to the other commissioners i would be interested in public comment on this as well. >> one of my other concerns and i think we're leaning more toward the suggestion of adopting the meeting -- the minutes of our regular meetings but not the special meeting with respect to the mirkarimi matter. is that one thing i think we benefited from -- we would benefit from is having parties' lawyers revealed these findings and tell us if they think there are any inaccuracies. >> i would be fine with that. i think that is reasonable. >> to do that, we would have to give them opportunity to review and do that. we could perhaps adopt all the -- all these together when we adopt the minutes to the august 16 meeting. >> just so you're aware, the draft minutes are already public documents and there are available on request anybody who asks for them. w
Jul 6, 2012 6:30am PDT
commissioners? >> could you just explain to us what the consequences are if he does not testify? just amplify your phrase about reliance. chairperson hur: any witness who submits a declaration but does not submit to cross-examination, we would give it whatever we thought it deserved. that weight, to me, would be almost nothing. to me, if the party wants to cross-examine a witness, they should have that opportunity. to me, it would be dangerous to rely on a declaration of someone who the other party did not have the opportunity to cross- examine in person. >> the party -- it remains in, but it is up to us what weight to give it, and it may be very little? chairperson hur: yes. ok. i do not know if that changes or could change your view of whether he is going to show up or not. is it possible that changes your view? >> it does not change my view, because mr. hennessy has been consistent throughout, and that is no surprise to the mayor. if something changes, i will certainly let you know. chairperson hur: meaning, if he will show up in person? >> if he can find care for his family member, i cert
Jul 31, 2012 6:00pm EDT
. this is the she. >> reporter: and this is hard. these are the worse-case scenario us and want to do something to help and there is nothing we could have done. we were fortunate to save -- and stay with the third. >> and i want to clarify something that was said before and that is a two-year-old daughter found dead. the 12-year-old's son frank hayward 3 who is in the hospital, in children's hospital right now in critical condition. >>> and this happened in a shell station. the suspect wanted to ecchange something when the clerk wouldn't do it, the suspect flew into a rage, kicked in the door to the cashier's room, assaulted the cashier, took what he wanted and left. if you know the guy, call prince georges county police. >>> and the edge on the district now and a debate is expected on capitol hill and house lawmakers may discuss a ban and eleanor holmes norton doesn't get a vote. he's more. >> reporter: the bullies usually pick on the district. this time, they picked a fight with women across the united states. >> reporter: a house bill offered by representative trent franks, a republican from
Jul 27, 2012 11:00am EDT
the audience to join him. mariel zagunis carries the flag for the u.s., an honor she says is almost surreal. >> so speechless and i'm probably going to cry. >> reporter: around olympic park there is plenty for the public to see and do. workers are putting the finishing touches on the park and competition venues, including the aquatics centre where michael phelps could win more medals than any other olympian in history, phelps not feeling the pressure. >> this is the closure that how many toppings do i want on my sundae, that's what i'm doing. >> reporter: fbi agents are tight and helping keep the olympics secure. this 265-pound wrestler joked, maybe he should be on the security team. >> usually i'm my own security. and all these guys should feel safe because i'm here. >> reporter: the olympic torch is here, too, welcomed by the royals thursday it arrives that stadium tonight. tracie potts, nbc news, london. >>> the first world records of the olympics have already been broken by a legally blind archer. of south korea broke his own records for points in archery's 72 arrow competition. and sou
Jul 7, 2012 8:30pm PDT
. thank you for joining us. tell us a little bit about the organization. >> we're 30 years old now. we started with 14 farmers, and it has grown out to over 80. >> what is the mission of the organization? >> this area has no grocery store spiller it is all mom-and- pop stores. we have this because it is needed. we knew it was needed. and the plaza needed somebody. it was empty. beautiful with city hall in the background. >> thank you for speaking with us. are you on the web? >> yes, >> check them out. thank you. >> welcome. the dish is ready. >> it looks and smells amazing. >> thank you. it was not easy to meet the $20 budget. i checked everybody out and found some great produce. really lovely seafood. i think that you are going to love it. >> do not be shy. cyou know this can run you $35 to $45 for a bowl, so it is great you did this for $20. >> this will feed four to six people. >> not if you invite me over for dinner. i am ready to dig in. >> i hope you'll love it. >> mmm. >> what do you think? >> i think i am going to need more. perhaps you can have all you wa
Jul 16, 2012 3:00pm EDT
to the battleground state. he stepped up his outsourcing attacks on romney. he used reports by tax notes to claims on romney wants to ship jobs overseas. >> we have not found any serious economic study that says governor romney's economic plan would create jobs until today. i've got to be honest. today we found out there's a new study out by nonpartisan economists that says governor romn romney's plan would create 800,000 jobs. there's one problem. the jobs wouldn't be in america. >> some of president advisors favor the idea as well. >>> we've got a lot more ahead this hour. take a look. >> we just pray that they are found and brougt back to their families. >> few leads but lots of questions over the disappearance of two iowa girls. they went for a back ride and vanished. >> i'm trying to stay positive and hope that god returns them to us safely. >> now the search for clues, anything to help find them. >>> those two americans taken hostage in egypt have been freed. find out how it went down. >>> later, living proof that perti pertistance pays off. how this man recovered his stolen car 42 years lat
Jul 20, 2012 6:00pm PDT
the week's news. >> suarez: a follow-up to our recent story about smart meters used to monitor energy use. spencer michels reports on california activists who want to ban them. >> pacific gas & electric one of the nation's largest utilities has had to fight a coalition of people who suspect, among other things, that smart meters may be bad for your health. >> brown: that's all ahead on tonight's newshour. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> and by the bill and melinda gates foundation. dedicated to the idea that all people deserve the chance to live a healthy, productive life. >> and with the ongoing support of these institutions and foundations. and... >> this program was made possible by the corporation for public broadcasting. and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> brown: once again today, americans absorbed the news of a mass shooting-- a dozen dead, at least 59 hurt or wounded. it happened in the city of aurora, just east of
Jul 24, 2012 10:00pm PDT
that have come through and the team that came through and helped and supported us all after the incident, we can't fault them. >>> lieutenant cavarese has been with the department since 1994. he is currently on administrative duty and he's also turned in two weapons. his service weapon and his personal firearm. >>> and in 12 minutes a new development in the case of the suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi. the decision on whether to pursue charges against the mayor. >>> a santa clara probation officer was injured after he shot himself in the leg. authorities say two people have been taken into custody but are not releasing any more details. we do have a crew arriving at the scene and we'll bring you more information during this newscast. >>> a trip to the russian river turned deadly today for a young man from santa rosa. firefighters were called to sunset beach river park in forestville around 4:20 this afternoon. sheriff's deputies say the victim was a 20-year-old young man. they said he was swimming with friends when he went under water. friends say he flew how to swim and wasn't drinking or
Jul 6, 2012 12:00pm PDT
will get to know him and talk about the toughest issues facing them. thank you for joining us today. tell us about your background. >> my parents immigrated to the united states in the 1960's. i was the first kid born in the u.s. my parents sacrificed everything so that their kids could have the opportunities that they wanted when they came here. i grew up in the boston area and lived in different parts of boston. i went to catholic price school in dorchester, a section of boston. -- i went to catholic high school in dorchester, a section of boston. because of my parents, my brothers and i were all blessed to go to harvard university. that is where i went to school. it was intense. i stayed there for law school and have a master's in public policy from there. those are subjects i decided to study because i was interested in public service and public policy issues and government. >> you grew up in the boston area. what made you want to make the transition and moved to san francisco? what motivated you to get involved in politics question marks before i ran for office, and worked in san fra
Jul 12, 2012 5:00pm PDT
, in just a few minutes, all of the dialogue behind us, champagne bottles, very important people who are up here, i suppose you might say gives birth in life to the incredible thing triangle which is on the side of this particular hill that has been put here by some incredible volunteers. before that, we have got to hear from a couple of people. we're going to start with the boss of our city, the man who runs the city day in and day out. it is my hope he will run the city for as long as he wishes. mayor ed lee. [applause] >> thank you, mayor brown, leader nancy pelosi. quickly, if i could invoke nancy pelosi's story? honros granted? [laughter] i will make it quick. i am not really a big speechmaker. but i do want to say something from the heart as i was listening to all of the previous remarks and how important it is to teach and use these moments to teach other generations. what we have to do two and intolerance. i am proud of the city for so many reasons for it time and time again, i have gone to the u.s. conference of mayors and talk to them about our city being the innovation capital of
Jul 6, 2012 11:00am EDT
if people goes rich, but when i think about my family or michelle's family, you know, what made us rich was spending time together and the idea was -- the idea was that, you know, if our families were of good character and had good values and you were willing to work hard, then you could find a job that paid a decent wage, and eventually saving up you could own a home. and you knew that you wouldn't go bankrupt when you got sick because you had some health insurance, and maybe you took a vacation every once in a while, and it wasn't necessarily some fancy vacation at some fancy resort. best vacation i had when i was a kid was we -- my grandmother and my mom and my sister, we traveled around the country on greyhound buses and on trains, and we stayed at howard johnsons and, you know, you -- i was 11 and so if there was any kind of swimming pool it didn't matter how big it was, right, you'd spend the whole day there and then, you know, you were real excited to go to where the vending machine was and the ice machine and -- and get the ice, and that was like a big deal, and you would just s
Jul 12, 2012 5:00pm EDT
this process leads us. >> the term the deputy attorney general used is at least $175 million. >> you were there on monday wondering how you think your attorneys are doing. can you explain our summarize why this case is so important? >> the case is pending and it is really inappropriate for me to comment during a pending case. our pleadings will continue to do the talking for us. it is my understanding closing arguments will occur tomorrow and the case will be submitted to the court. we will continue to vigorously enforce section 5 and other provisions of the voting rights act. >> why did you bring the case in the first case? >> we fought our objection with the state of texas, we concluded that they had not met their burden of establishing the absence of discriminatory purpose and discriminatory intent. that is what the trial is about. the burden is on the state. we are presenting our case and the state is presenting bears. the intervenors are presenting bears and the court will soon speak on this issue. >> one more question. >> there have been reports in the last month or so that governme
Jul 7, 2012 10:00am EDT
the lewis ranch and his little boy and sorenson's little boy said dad was supposed to spend time with us that christmas and all we remember is him scribbling in the little room at the end of the hall. several evenings he went down to the ranch house talking to johnson about the speech, but when you analyze those drafts and you can see them in the johnson library draft by draft, sorenson draft one, sorenson draft two, you see how much of it came from johnson. some of it when he delivers the speech are real lyndon johnson words and sorenson had written this administration and declares unconditional war on poverty in america. the speech is delivered by lyndon johnson is, this administration today here and now declares unconditional war on poverty in america. he had added four words today, here and now. lyndon johnson words and the speech said unfortunately, many americans lived on the outskirts of hope. some because of their poverty and some because of their color, and all too many because of both. our task is to help that one-fifth american families with incomes too small to even meet thei
Jul 26, 2012 5:00pm PDT
. thanks so much, as always, for joining us. "a.c. 360." starts right now. >>> you'll hear from the family of gordon cowden, the oldest shooting victim. he'll be buried tomorrow. how he lived his life. and you'll hear from a survivor shot three times. a young man who was within inches of death. >> i was just laying there. and i felt him literally standing right above me. his boot couldn't have been no more than six inches away from my head. and i heard a couple more shots. and at that point the first thought going through my head was "he's just -- he's going to finish what he started right now," you know, i just laid there and i thought, "this is it, this is it." >> he says he felt a curtain of darkness falling and just as quickly it was as if the sun came out. tonight, he'll tell you about how dark turned to day. he knew he would make it out of that theater alive. we begin with another report. an update on an important story we've been following for months now. try to get answers keeping them honest. we told you about a number of supposed charities which have raised many of millions of do
Jul 17, 2012 12:00pm PDT
this tragedy. she's live with us. take us back to what happened in douma on june 29th. >> reporter: the reason why it's taken three weeks to get our hands on that video is because the activists that wanted to shoot it were stuck there for well over a week and it was an ordeal to get the footage from damascus to us here in lebanon. we have to warn that the images are disturbing. the power is out in the streets. the three activists don't dare shine a light. there's a sniper lurking. gunfire in the distance forces them to pick up the pace. the activists are part of the oppositions media operation. they smuggled themselves into the damascus suburb last month and risked their lives to document this. a massacre said to have taken place just hours earlier. among the corpses strewn about, that of a little girl. a man points to one of bodies and says he was executed, a civilian. points to a second corpse and adds this is his cousin, shot because he tried to save him. residents are readying the bodies for burial. blood soaking through the funeral sheets. the names of the deceased scrawled. it's a grim r
Jul 8, 2012 6:00pm EDT
's residences to be in continuous use dating back to 1872. well, central missouri was not very well settled. there were a lot of people in st. louis, missouri. we had just completed the civil war. and there was stale little bit of tensions left from the war at that time. appropriations weren to build this building. however, they waited a couple years after that to make sure we were on steady ground financially. this is actually the third building on this site for the governor's mansion. the first building was building for the legislators with rooms set aside for the governor and his family. after the family outgrew the space of two small rooms in that building and the capitol was built, another smaller building was built for the governor and his family. however, the materials used for that were not sufficient enough to withstand the weathering and the years of use on a home like that and became very dilapida dilapidated. there was a party in which many people were invited to, and they refused to come because there was concerns if too many people got on the second floor it would not hold all
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 509 (some duplicates have been removed)